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The U.S. steel industry is calling on the Obama administration to take a more aggressive stance against what it views as China's unfair and illegal trade practices by initiating more World Trade Organization actions, tackling evasion of existing antidumping and countervailing duties, and by continuing to apply domestic trade laws on Chinese products.

Senators and agriculture groups are expressing concern that the Chinese market for biotechnology products will further tilt against the U.S. agricultural community and biotech firms if state-owned ChemChina follows through with its plan to acquire Swiss agribusiness giant Syngenta.

The Chinese steel industry is taking a third shot at dismissing false designation of origin allegations in an ongoing Section 337 investigation without offering new evidence supporting why the case should be tossed by the International Trade Commission, U.S. Steel Corp. says in a Sept. 19 filing.

China is gearing up to fight U.S. allegations that it is exceeding its allotted domestic agricultural subsidy commitments at the World Trade Organization, according to a statement from China's Ministry of Commerce.

United Steelworkers has issued a fresh call for the Congressional Steel Caucus to reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership, claiming that the deal will worsen the global glut in steel and negatively impact the American middle class.