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Saying he had spoken with Chinese President Xi Jinping, President Trump said on Tuesday that the two leaders would hold “an extended meeting next week” at the G20 leaders summit in Japan.

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China has suspended its World Trade Organization dispute with the European Union over the bloc's classification of Beijing as a non-market economy in antidumping cases – a dispute China reportedly lost.

At the request of the U.S., the World Trade Organization will suspend until Dec. 31 a case alleging China fails to uphold intellectual property rights that was instigated by the U.S. last year.

After saying he would hit another $300 billion in Chinese goods with tariffs if China's president, Xi Jinping, didn't meet with him at the G20 summit in late June, and after then insisting he had no deadline for tariffs, President Trump on Friday said it “doesn't matter” if the two leaders held talks in Japan.

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative’s hearing on potential tariffs on roughly $300 billion worth of Chinese goods will kick off next week and carry over into the last week of June, with more than 300 witnesses set to testify over a seven-day span.

Democratic lawmakers are calling on the Trump administration to explain the president’s recent claims that a new immigration deal with Mexico to avert 5 percent tariffs included additional agriculture purchases.