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China on Thursday urged the U.S. to use caution in its Section 232 investigation into the national security implications of aluminum imports, arguing that the World Trade Organization's “legal framework” does not permit members to impose trade restrictions through an “abusive invocation” of national security.

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The Department of Commerce determined on June 14 that a type of aluminum pallet made in China is subject to antidumping and countervailing duty orders, a move aimed at deterring Chinese producers from evading duties on aluminum extrusions.

A majority of aluminum industry executives attending a recent summit in Chicago said they believe U.S. imports of aluminum are not a threat to national security.

According to multiple sources, the Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service is set to publish on Friday a proposed amendment to a rule that will allow China to export poultry products to the U.S. from birds slaughtered in China, a move the U.S. committed to as part of the 100-day plan the Trump administration reached with China.

Two Democratic senators on Tuesday said they hope a traceability requirement U.S. meat packers must meet to ship beef to China will lead to practices that will allow the U.S. to re-implement a country-of-origin labeling law that is compliant with World Trade Organization rules.

The Trump administration has finalized a protocol between the United States and China laying out standards for U.S. beef exports to China, another step in following through on the initial outcomes of the bilateral 100-day action plan struck in April that moves U.S. producers closer to selling beef to Beijing for the first time since 2003.