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The U.S. and China, at their July 19 Comprehensive Economic Dialogue, discussed a one-year economic plan that could cover a range of trade and macroeconomic topics including services, high-tech trade and investment, according to a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman and a Chinese official quoted by China’s state-run outlet Xinhua.

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The United States and China announced Thursday that a final phytosanitary protocol -- over a decade in the making -- has been signed, allowing the U.S. to export rice to China provided certain requirements are met.

In opening remarks today for the inaugural U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called for Beijing to reduce state intervention in a slew of sectors as a way to rebalance the bilateral trade relationship.

China told the other members of the World Trade Organization it will not link progress on trade remedy rules to negotiations on a fisheries subsidies ban, quelling other members' fears that linking the two topics could derail the fisheries talks and prevent members from reaching an outcome by the WTO's December ministerial.

President Trump has nominated Dennis Shea, the vice chairman of...

International aluminum industry group requests for a global forum on excess capacity did not lead to an agreement at the G20 leaders summit in Germany last week.