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President-elect Trump will be able to instruct the Treasury Department to name China a currency manipulator by using a 1988 trade law even though China does not meet all three criteria used in an October Treasury report to analyze major trading partners' foreign exchange policies, according to analysts and academics interviewed by Inside U.S. Trade.

Following a series of working group sessions with stakeholders, analysts at the Center for Strategic and International Studies say they believe the government's national security investment watchdog -- the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. -- is properly functioning despite an increased workload, according to a new CSIS report.

What was supposed to be the closing ministerial for a tariff-cutting Environmental Goods Agreement was blown up after China submitted a late product list that was not close to aligning with positions that other members of the negotiations were coalescing around and nearing agreement on, according to multiple sources.

Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Asia and the Pacific subcommittee, blasted the Obama administration for its unsuccessful attempt to secure congressional approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and instead suggested that the incoming Trump administration look to strike bilateral deals with countries in the region.

The United States is expected to formally request that the World Trade Organization's Dispute Settlement Body on Dec. 16 establish a panel on U.S. claims that China is breaching its WTO commitments by providing domestic support to farmers totaling nearly $100 billion over its allotted amount.