About China Trade Extra

China Trade Extra is the sister online news service to the world-renowned Inside US Trade newsletter and World Trade Online. The service contains the following features:

  • Latest News: the center of our main page is our "Latest News" section bringing you breaking news as it happens. The section is updated several times per day.
  • Documents: the daily, ever-expanding document archive contains thousands of fully searchable texts governing U.S.-China relations: WTO documents, U.S.-China agreements, joint communiques and policy analyses.
  • Special News Sections on: WTO activity, US policy, PRC government statements, trade remedy, Hong Kong/Taiwan, international organizations and social issues.
  • E-mail alerts: our e-mail alerts notify you when news merits special attention.


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The service provided by China Trade Extra is governed by the payment of an online access fee and conditions associated with it. There are three types of basic subscribers. Following are the pricing categories:

  • Basic subscription. $595 for a one-year subscription in U.S./Canada, $645 elsewhere. Allows four accessees, one at a time, to China Trade Extra and all of its services. Accessees must be in the same functional department.
  • Adding China Trade Extra to existing World Trade Online subscription. $300 for a one-year subscription. Same conditions as basic subscription.
  • Adding China Trade Extra to an existing Inside U.S. Trade subscription. $400 for a one-year subscription. Same conditions as basic subscription.
  • Site licenses. Where access needs do not fit into one of the above categories, case-by-case negotiation of site licenses will apply.

Specific terms and conditions may apply to access. For example, a location generally is defined as a street address. But there may be instances where the size of an office served by a street address (such as at a government agency or large corporate office) is deemed too large to be considered a single location. In these instances, other definitions will apply - such as a specific office or department within an organization. In another example, a library that receives subscription issues for redistribution to individual readers will not be considered a single user, and will be subject to corporate access fees or site licenses, which are negotiated case by case.

Technical Questions

China Trade Extra can be accessed from any recent web browser. The only additional software that most users may require is a copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader software, which can be downloaded at no charge from www.adobe.com.

China Trade Extra also features the complete text of a wide variety of documents. Many of these documents are available as Adobe Acrobat files to preserve their original formatting, and in some cases (when the original document was only available in paper form), these documents may be quite large. Such documents may take a considerable time to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Also, when printing these large documents, some users may need to adjust the resolution of their printers downward (e.g. from 600 to 300 or 150 dpi) in order to avoid printer errors. Please note also that most Adobe Acrobat files are much easier to read when they are printed out. If you have specific questions or problems, please contact us via e-mail at chinatrade@iwpnews.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Customer Service

China Trade Extra maintains a customer-service department that can help answer most questions that you may have about your account. When you are experiencing technical problems or have editorial questions, our customer-service representatives also can help you get answers quickly and efficiently.

You can contact customer service by e-mail at chinatrade@iwpnews.com or call (1-800-424-9068). Susan Szkotnicki will help you. You could also fax your requests to 1-703-416-8543.

Terms and Conditions

Access to China Trade Extra is governed by a general set of Terms and Conditions and specific conditions and permissions governed by individual circumstances.


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The Company Behind China Trade Extra

China Trade Extra is a product of Inside Washington Publishers, which for over 30 years has provided exclusive, relevant news about the federal policymaking process to professionals who have a need to know about the process. Formed in 1980 with the publication of Inside EPA Weekly Report, IWP currently publishes 22 newsletters and 8 online news services. It has groups of news services covering environment, defense, international trade, health care, cybersecurity and energy.

The company has about 75 employees, most of whom are involved in the editorial process. Its principal offices are in the Washington, DC area. You can contact the company in various ways:

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